Engaging with the local schools is an important part of Greasby Methodist Church. Along with our colleagues at St Johns Anglican church we lead religeous assemblies every two weeks in Greasby Infants and juniours as well as in Brookdale Primary. Other members of the congregation also go into the school to help on a one-to-one basis with reading amongst other things.

One of our major projects is Hope Journey:


We welcome local schools to join us for a Hope Journey each month

We believe Hope Journey is an exciting, interactive and engaging way of partnering with local schools to deliver some aspects of the Religious Education syllabus. Through a multiple workshop format, children participate in up to six workshops, each incorporating a different learning style which allows every child to engage in some way with the session. Whilst children hear the Christian believer’s view, the purpose is to deepen understanding of the content of the themes.

We deliver 7 Hope Journeys each year

 Remembering (Year 6) – we look at what and why we Remember each November

 Cross Factor (Year 5) – a reflection on what we are remembering during Lent and what we celebrate at Easter

 Cre-8 (Year 4) – retelling six of the stories of Jesus, including some parables, using music; song and dance; drama; poetry and craft.

 Explore (Year 3) – looking at the christian faith and comparing with some other faiths and beliefs

 Meet The Characters of the Nativity (Year 2) – we meet the real characters in the Christmas story – the Angel Gabriel, Mary and Joseph, The Innkeeper and the donkey, the shepherds and the Magi, who tell us what really happened and why we are celebrating Christmas

 Epiphany, Journey with the Kings (Year 1) – we hear the story of the three Magi who travelled so far to take gifts to Jesus and what sort of gifts we can give Jesus today

 Sharing Parables (F2 children) – what is the meaning of the parable of the Good Samaritan or the Prodigal Son?
Latest news

Meet The Characters of the Nativity

We welcomed Year 2 children from Greasby Infants School on Friday 5th December and from Brookdale Primary School Thursday 12th December 2019. All the children were given a passport so that they could collect a reminder of all the characters they had met. In each workshop, the character shred their story and experience and children asked questions of The Angel Gabriel; Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus; the Innkeeper and the donkey; the shepherds; the wise men and also completed a craft activity whilst enjoying the refreshments. The children loved meeting the people who were really there then! They sang the loudest ‘Happy Birthday to Jesus’ we’ve ever heard. We received many comments on the evaluation forms eg ‘As always a wonderful experience and a warm welcoming atmosphere’,’Children thoroughly enjoyed learning and understanding the real meaning of Christmas. Excellent organisation. Thank you






Epiphany – Journey with the Kings

We welcomed Year 1 children from Greasby Infants School and Brookdale Primary School Thursday 10th January 2020.
Having completed the maps of their journey from school to church the children loved the puppet show when the Magi explained their story of the visit to see Jesus. ‘Our God is a Great Big God’ is one we use for our school assemblies so the children sang with gusto! During the talk ‘What can we give to Jesus’ the children were very keen to tell us that fruit pastilles, Christmas jumpers and pampers had not been invented but quickly grasped the message that we can give time, kindness and care to each other as our gift to Jesus. This year the children completed three follow up activities – Stars Make and Do, Three Kings Crafts and Build a Magi (a game like beetle drive) over refreshments.
We received many comments on the evaluation forms eg Everything about the morning was excellent. The children really enjoyed themselves and the organisation is superb. Activities are well pitched and there is a great range. Thank you so much

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