Engaging with the local schools is an important part of Greasby Methodist Church. The local primary schools meet our minister Ruth once a fortnight when she takes an assembly alongside Anglican colleagues. Other members of the congregation also go into the school to help on a one-to-one basis with reading amongst other things.

One of our major projects is Hope Journey:


The Hope Journey is an exciting, interactive and engaging way of partnering local churches and local schools in the delivery of some areas of the Religious Education syllabus.  Through the multiple workshop format, pupils participate in up to six workshops, each incorporating a different learning style allowing everybody to engage in some way with the session.  Whilst children engage with a Christian believer’s view the purpose is to deepen understanding, not convert.  All are welcome regardless of faith or belief.  The Hope Journey is now funded and supported by Wirral Methodist Circuit.

At Greasby Methodist Church we offer three Hope Journeys each year

Cross Factor is designed for Year 5 children and is delivered during Lent, as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter time

Cre-8 is designed for Year 4 children and is delivered during the summer term.  It looks at parables through art, music/singing, dance, drama, poetry and craft

Meet The Characters is designed for Year 2 children and is delivered during Advent as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas



On Thursday 11th April we welcomed 49 children together with their teachers and helpers staff from Brookdale Primary school to Cross Factor.  The children came to Greasby Methodist Church to engage with different aspects from the Easter story.

They explored the meaning of different crosses from around the world and participated in Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem on a donkey singing the loudest ‘Hosannas’!

The children also considered the significance of the Last Supper, heard the story from a Roman Centurion who was involved in the execution of Christ and was also present on Easter Sunday so he shared his story of his amazing experience of Easter.  The children practiced marching with him as well!

They also thought about how Jesus is alive now, even though we cannot see him, and made beautiful Easter cards to take home.  We think they also enjoyed the refreshments – especially the Easter cakes! And took home a gift bag with a reminder of the stories and activities they had taken part in.


We look forward to welcoming our local schools to Hope Journey “Remembering” on 10th November 2016


For more information please contact the church office via the contacts page.

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