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Annual Report

 April 2019 – March 2020

Greasby Methodist Church


The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of Gods love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission

 It does this through

Worship Increase awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s love   Learning and Caring Help people to learn and grow as Christians, through mutual support and care
ServiceBe a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice   Evangelism Make more followers of Jesus Christ


Here, at Greasby Methodist Church, we aim –

To provide a place where people can come together, united in love, to worship and praise God.

To care for one another and encourage each other to grow in our Christian faith.

To study God’s word and learn more of Him.

To engage with and serve our community as we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ.



1.            Welcome

The Rev Viv Gasteen chaired the meeting and welcomed friends and members to the meeting.

2.            Attendance and apologies

There were 30 members present and two apologies.  A detailed list is held on file.

3.            Minutes of the G.C.M. held on Sunday 22nd April 2018

These were accepted as a true record with the following amendment :- Jennifer Bullock and Viv. Pritchard were members of the “Methodist Women in Britain” committee.  These were signed by the Rev Viv Gasteen.

4.            Matters arising from the minutes.

There was nothing to report

5.            Appointment of Church Stewards.

The current six church stewards have agreed to serve for another year and nomination forms have been received to that effect. They are:- Mr. Alan Chamberlain, Mrs. Paula Dewhirst, Mrs. Sue Elliott, Mrs. Sue Farrelly, Mrs. Lyn Jackson-Eves, Mrs. Janis Nuttall.  There being no other nominations it was proposed by Rod Sherratt and seconded by June Boardman that they should all be elected and all voted in favour.

6.            Appointment of church representatives to the church council.

We have lost two representatives this year. Beryl Henderson has passed away and Elizabeth Smith has gone into care.

The remaining 13 representatives agreed to serve for another year. As there were no further nominations it was proposed by Lyn Jackson-Eves and seconded by Sue Elliott that they should all be elected and all voted in favour.  The representatives are as follows with years of service:-

8 years            Mrs Vel Kelly, Mrs. Marion Maher, Mrs. Phyllis White.

7 years            Mrs June Boardman.

6 years            Mrs Kathleen Ashworth, Mrs. Margaret Bennett

4 years            Mrs Jean Chamberlain, Mrs. Francis Davies, Mrs. Jean Sherratt, Mr. Rod Sherratt

3 years            Mr Mike Severn

2 years            Mr Paul Boardman

1 year              Miss Gemma Barber

  1. 7.            Approval of Church Leadership Team

This comprises “the minister in pastoral charge” i.e. the Rev. Kim Goh, the six stewards (just appointed), the treasurer, Mrs. Roberta Gray, and the worship coordinator, Mrs. Judith Stelfox plus Rev.Viv Gasteen for pastoral support.

The meeting voted unanimously in favour.  None against.

8.            Approval of “Methodist Women in Britain” committee.

The meeting approved the following:-

President         Vel Kelly

Secretary        Pat Garratt

Treasurer        Pam Ogden

Committee      Joan Appleby, Jane Bright, Jennifer Bullock, Sue Elliott, Sue Farrelly, Marion Maher, Viv Pritchard, Eileen Wardle, Phyllis White.

9.            Presentation of annual accounts

The accounts were as shown in the annual reports booklet. Roberta pointed out that the annual gift aid refund had not been received by the end of the financial year and so there was a deficit of £2262 on the year’s accounts. As our income for the year is used in the calculation for the next year’s assessment our assessment for the coming year 2019/2020 will be less than this year’s. The gift aid refund of £9000 for 2017/2018 has now been received and will show in this year’s accounts. Our current balance stands at approximately £32000. A special vote of thanks was offered to Roberta for all work in keeping excellent church accounts.

Annual Reports on all aspects of church life.

This was issued in booklet form for general circulation. There were no particular comments or questions.

Viv Gasteen thanked all who contributed to the life of the church in all its activities. She specifically commented that she sensed the very prayerful and spiritual nature of the church. That we shine God’s message in this church. She thanked the church for making her feel very much at home and was disappointed that she would not be having full pastoral charge of the church next year.

11.  Observations by the Rev Viv Gasteen.

She said how much she valued Janis’s piano playing and what a blessing she is to our church worship. On future activities she thought we might consider something for youngsters after school such as ‘Lego church’.


  1. Henry asked a question concerning the decoration of the front of the church.  He felt that the wall the congregation face for Sunday worship was very ‘bland’ and could something be done about it.  He thought it should have more life in it.  After a short discussion it was recommended that the Resources Committee consider this at their next meeting.
  2. Communion stewards.  The meeting was asked to approve June Boardman and Joyce Scoffield as new communion stewards.  The meeting approved the appointments unanimously.


The Leadership team meets regularly every six weeks throughout the year to review and discuss the many aspects of our church’s work.  We start our meetings with devotions prepared by one of the team to set the spirit of the meeting. At this time of the year when one looks back over the life of the church during the past twelve months one is made aware of how blessed we have been.  Although we are decreasing in number, and that concerns us all, one is reminded of the tremendous commitment given by everyone to our life together in Jesus’s name.

  1. The time and effort invested in Hope Journey, Oasis (meal with a message) and Toddlers.  All three led and supported by a dedicated team.
  2. The thought and preparation put into our Sunday worship, both morning and evening, by lay preachers, worship leaders and pianist.
  3. The care and concern shown through our pastoral team and in other ways.
  4. At our last Church Council we were able to fill nearly all the appointments we consider necessary to maintain and operate an efficient and effective church.
  5. We have a very efficient and well run administrative office and wonderful premises, heavily used by the community.

We have been truly blessed with much skill and talent to use in God’s service here in Greasby. Most importantly we have a very spirit led community here which we must foster and protect at all costs.

To encourage us in that task we had on the 5th October a very inspiring and uplifting afternoon with the Rev Dr  Neil Richardson, a past president of conference and principal of Bristol Theological College.

Since our last ACM we have said farewell to Kim and Mary, and Viv.  Parting is always a sad time but we thank them all for their friendship and contribution to our life here in Greasby.

We have been very pleased to welcome Yangsun into our fellowship and trust that she will feel very much at home with us.  She comes from a country with a strong and thriving Christian Church so we are hoping for great things.

I believe us to be a very generous church, not only with our time but also in our giving. We contributed 130 shoe boxes to the Shoe Box Appeal and many gifts for FORUM housing and once a month a car full of donated provisions is taken to the Foodbank.

We have supported financially and with our prayers Mark Collier (Judith’s nephew) in the work of drilling wells and spreading the Gospel in Burkino Faso. Unfortunately due to the deteriorating security situation he has had to move his operations to neighbouring Ivory Coast and leave his family in Northern Ireland. We continue to support two youngsters in East Africa through the ‘Compassion’ organisation.

For as much as you did it unto the least of these my brethren you

            did it unto ME.’

Every one of you makes a contribution to our life together by your presence, by an encouraging word, by a caring hand, a listening ear to make this place a friendly, open and welcoming place for all who come through our doors.  If we are generous to God HE will be generous to us and richly bless us.

Much of what I have written I wrote last year but I make no apology for that.  Because what was true then is still very true today.  God bless you all.

Alan Chamberlain Senior Steward 29/4/20



Firstly we must thank Margaret Bennett for the wonderful job she did in ensuring that all our workers with children and vulnerable adults were properly trained and passed all the necessary legal requirements both of the government and the Methodist Church.  This is an ongoing task and we need a replacement for Margaret.

We had an audit of our safeguarding procedures carried out earlier in the year by Brenda Bishop, the circuit safeguarding officer, and we obtained a very satisfactory result.  All those who require it, have a current DBS clearance certificate and have attended basic and refresher training courses.  An Advanced training course has been recently introduced for key personnel.  Only one of our members has completed this to date.  Several others will need to attend as vacancies on courses become available.

This is an important support to our mission and again we thank Margaret for the hard work she put in over the past three years.

Alan Chamberlain


This last year has seen many changes at Greasby.  Our Minister Rev Kim Goh was absent for much of the period between April and August due to his wife’s illness, so we were grateful for the input of Rev Viv Gasteen and all those who filled in the gaps during that period.  Kim’s farewell service took place on 20th July at Moreton Methodist Church and Viv left us to take up a position at Claremount Methodist in August.

We welcomed Rev Yangsun to the Circuit on 30th August at St Luke’s in Hoylake.  Unfortunately, she too was missing for two periods of time when she had to return to Korea due to her mother’s illness.  Our prayers were answered however, and her mother is now fully recovered for which we thank God.

The worship consultation group have met regularly but because the circuit is now able to fill more preaching appointments our input to the plan has been reduced and we only need to decide on any special services we require.

Paul Boardman completed the new and more complex training as a Worship Leader and was awarded a certificate which was presented to him at the farewell service on the 20th July.  He was commissioned at Greasby by our superintendent in September.


We had a visit from Mark Collier in July, and he brought us up to date with the situation in Burkina Faso.

We have held three Teddy Bear Services/picnics and a Breakfast with Santa which have been well attended.  Our thanks to Viv Gasteen and Sue Elliott for organising those events and all who helped to make them a success.

Our Harvest Festival service was led by Rev Margaret Fletcher with all the produce and the monetary gifts went to Forum.

We had a Circuit Discipleship day led by Neil Richardson which took place on the afternoon of 5th October and was attended by around 70 people.  Our thanks to Sue Elliott for liaising with the Circuit and helping to make the day a success.  Our thanks also to Paula for organising the prayer stations around the church which was open during the morning

During Advent we looked at some of the lesser known people in the Christmas Story through the use of drama and video.  On the 22nd December we had our family nativity service, where we did a ‘pop up’ Nativity produced by the Bible Society entitled ‘With Love from God to You’ followed by our Christingle service, and in the evening we had Carols by Candlelight.  Both services were well attended and our thanks to all who took part.

During this last year we took a long hard look at our evening services due to low attendance.  During the Autumn, we tried various different formats to see if we could encourage more people to come along in the evening.  Unfortunately after a good start numbers fell back to 6-7 and it was decided to just keep our evening Café Style service (which has now changed from the second Sunday in the month to the third) and the joint group service on the first Sunday in the month.

This year we were unable to complete the services planned for Lent due to the onset of Covid 19.  The last service to take place before the Church was shut, was led by Rev George Palmer on the 15th March.  We all missed our Easter services very much but thanks to the local community we were able to place the Cross outside the church and see it covered in flowers brought along by passers-by.  It was a wonderful sign of resurrection and hope for the future much appreciated by the people of Greasby.  We have also been distributing little knitted “Angels of Hope” around the village and the response has been wonderful. We even had a request for one to be sent to a paramedic in Stourport to hang in her car to remind her at the end of a shift that she was not alone.

Since lock down we have continued to meet via the internet on Zoom every Sunday morning for worship (32 individuals last week) and on a Wednesday morning for a short “thought for the day” and a catch up.  Only time will tell where we go from here in regard to our worship but I hope and pray that because we have been forced out of the building we will continue to reach people, just where they are, with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Jesus told his disciples in Mark 16 v15 ‘Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all’ (The Message)

Every Blessing

Judith Stelfox Worship Co-ordinator

BAPTISMS AND CRADLE ROLL                             

The Cradle Roll register has been reviewed and I continue to send birthday cards to each child up to their 5th birthday.  In 2019-20 we had 15 children on the birthday card list.  Since last GCM, with thanks to Rev Viv Gasteen, we have celebrated 4 baptisms:-

April Wagstaff on Sunday 5th May 2019, Leela Jones, Isobel Jones and Tessa Jones (mother) on Sunday 9th June 2019

In addition, we hope to be able to celebrate another baptism with Rev Yangsun Yi on Sunday 23rd August.  I would like to thank all those who have volunteered to run a crèche when this is required.  Please pray that these families will grow in their own faith as they make their commitment to the Christian upbringing of these precious babies and children.

‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it’ Luke 18 v16-17

Sue Elliott Cradle Roll Secretary 21/3/20

It has been a joy to welcome baptismal families, parents/carers of Toddlers group as well as members of the community to our new Teddy Bear Service and Picnics, held on Sunday 21st July & Sunday 29th September 2019, & Sunday 16th February 2020

Each worship has a different theme – Love and Joy (July), parable of two house builders (using lego bricks in September) and the parable of the good samaritan with a puppet show in February.  There is always a joyful time of worship, using musical instruments, and fellowship as the families and teddy bears learn more about the love of God for us before enjoying our picnic together.

I would like to thank Rev Viv Gasteen and the team of 7-8 who helped with setting up, preparing and serving the picnic, welcoming the families and clearing away.

We hope to be able to hold Teddy Bear Service/Picnics more frequently next year.  Please pray that families will continue to respond to the invitation to come and learn more about Jesus as a personal friend and Saviour


We were thrilled when Santa managed to pop into Greasby Methodist Church to join us for breakfast on Saturday 21st December. Despite a rather busy schedule, he arrived about 9.00am to the wonderful singing of 14 children and their families.  Santa was really pleased to hear Jingle Bells and the songs about this reindeer, Rudolf.  He listened carefully to all the hopes of the children as we ate a hearty breakfast – it was not only the adults who enjoyed the bacon butties!

To our surprise Santa did not know what we are really celebrating at Christmas, so the children gathered around to help Viv tell him the story of how and when Jesus was born, the shepherds and wise men who came to visit and how Jesus was born to be King of the World.  We enjoyed singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus, the best gift that anyone could ever receive.  However Santa did have some lovely presents for all the children and it was sad when he had to go on his way.  But we hope to see him again next year.

I would like to thank Rev Viv Gasteen and the team of 8 who helped by buying and wrapping gifts for the children, setting up, preparing and serving breakfast, welcoming the families and clearing away.  In addition a special thank you to Father Christmas (you know who you are!)

Sue Elliott Childrens Work co-ordinator 21/3/20

TUESDAY PRAYERS                                                                      

Almost every Tuesday morning prayers continue to be offered to our loving Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ.  Names of people in need whether through illness, pain, bereavement or difficult or worrying situations are noted, then included in prayers – often for many weeks, sometimes months and even years, these people are not forgotten.  It is good to hear news so prayers can be more specific.  We pray also for our troubled world, persecuted people, the compassion children, our church and circuit, the list goes on……….

We also like to sing one or two old hymns and have a thought for the day.  Small donations mount up and donations have been made to Wirral Foodbank (£50), Steps of Hope (£50) and Friends International (N.I.) for drilling for water in Burkina Faso (£100).  More recently £100 was added to the Christmas collection for Action for Children.

Roberta Gray


This past year we have not had a day of prayer as in previous years but instead, we have had the church open for quiet contemplative prayer on a few Saturday mornings.  These times have been received well for those seeking a place of quiet sanctuary and it has been encouraging to write words of reflection as we have prayed.

On Saturday 5th October we were able to host the Circuit Discipleship Day with Dr Neil Richardson, we opened the church for Prayer  in the morning, with several stations centred around the Jesus “I am” sayings.  We had a reflective slide show from Rev Viv Gasteen which displayed some beautiful pictures and meditations.  There were several positive reports from Circuit and church members and we kept the church open for reflection throughout the following week.

Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10

Paula Dewhirst Prayer co-ordinator

 WORLD DAY OF PRAYER                                              

For very many years, the first Friday in March has been designated the World Day of Prayer and each year Christian women from a chosen country have prepared the service.  This year the Friday was the 6th March and Christian women from Zimbabwe had prepared the service which was titled ‘Rise! Take up your mat and walk’.

In the afternoon, the Greasby service was hosted by ladies from Our Lady of Pity Church and we from the Methodist Church and ladies from St John’s Parish Church were warmly welcomed by Father Mike, the Priest.  Also two classes of children from the junior section of Our Lady of Pity Primary School came and joined us as they had been practising the hymns so helped with the singing especially with the lesser known ones.  Four of the children also read out pieces about Zimbabwe.

Stood on a table at the front were three candles: a red one symbolizing our hearts full of love, God is love; a white one symbolising peace among us, Jesus is the Prince of Peace; and a yellow one symbolising a new life of reconciliation.  Also on the table was a beautiful flame lily, this is the national flower of Zimbabwe and means full of glory.

The service proceeded using the provided booklets, with ladies from the three churches taking part with the readings.  During the service we were challenged to commit ourselves to support our communities with actions of love, peace and reconciliation and at the end of the service everyone was given a plaited bookmark as a symbol of the service and their commitments.

After the service we were invited to share fellowship and have a cup of tea or coffee and homemade cake.  Thank you to the ladies of Our Lady of Pity Church.

Roberta Gray World Day of Prayer rep

SAY ONE FOR ME                                                            

We have been offering this service to the community for over two years.  We have had many requests although less have been posted recently and even in this present Pandemic we have had no new prayer requests.  I would encourage everyone to continue to pray for our community; our schools; shop owners and workers; GP surgery and health centre; library workers and businesses who have been affected by the present COVID-19.    Let us remember we are not alone and in God’s strength we can share this hope and truth with our neighbours.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

Paula Dewhirst Prayer co-ordinator



DISCIPLESHIP DAY                                                                     

We were delighted to host the Wirral Circuit Discipleship and Evangelism Day on Saturday 5th October when Rev Dr Neil Richardson, former President of the Methodist Conference, led on the theme ‘Enjoying and Sharing Our Faith’.  Rev Dr Neil Richardson’s acclaimed books include engagement with difficult questions posed by contemporary issues and the ‘new atheism’ pioneered by popular writers such as Richard Hawkins and provides an indispensable guide for people with or without faith.  Rev Neil was an inspirational speaker and we enjoyed the time of worship, talking together and the Questions of Faith discussion forum.

We now need to continue to equip ourselves, not only to enjoy our faith but to be able to share our faith effectively with those who have yet to experience the love of God.

We are looking forward to the next Discipleship Day here on Saturday 24th April 2021 when Mark Thomas has agreed to lead on the theme ‘Defending the Faith’.  The aim of the day is to introduce disciples of Jesus to the study of Apologetics.  By the end of the day participants will be able to give a reasoned argument for the existence of God; the divine nature of Jesus Christ and the authenticity and authority of the Bible.  The draft outline for the day is

9.30                 Arrivals, tea/coffee, fellowship

10.00-11.15     Session 1:  The Case for God

11.30-12.45     Session 2:  The Case for Christ

12.45-1.30       Lunch

1.30-2.45         Session 3:  The Case for Scripture

2.45-3.30         Refreshments (tea/coffee/cake), Plenary and Closing worship

Please save the date and join us for this exciting opportunity to learn through discussion, reflection, worship and fellowship with each other

‘Always be ready to give an answer’  1 Peter 3v13-17

Sue Elliott  Steward

MONDAY LADIES’ HOUSE GROUP                   

I am happy to report that the Monday Evening Ladies’ House-group continues to meet fortnightly at the home of Mrs Vel Kelly at 7.45pm.  We begin by having a cup of tea and sharing fellowship together before looking at a portion of the Bible.  It is a time of informal study when everyone is free to contribute and we are enriched by studying God’s word and each other’s contributions.

This year we have had the privilege of welcoming Viv Pritchard and Fiona Adams but we were sorry to say goodbye to Roberta Gray as she decided to move to Judith and Len Stelfox’s day time house group; Roberta you are missed.  Currently eight people attend.

In the past year we have looked at ‘The gift of God (Romans 1-7)’ by Timothy Keller and Journey to Christmas written by the 24/7 Prayer Group which comprised studies looking at the characters in the Christmas story.  Pre lockdown we were looking at ‘Women of the New Testament’ which comprises of 10 individual studies each looking at a different woman and theme and is thought provoking and challenging.  When we come to the end of our study material, we decide together what to study next.  Generally we look at a book of the Bible but sometimes intersperse this with a themed study. Our plan as we look to the future is to continue Romans and to look at the ‘Names of God’.

May I take this opportunity to offer thanks to Vel for her amazing hospitality and to everyone who comes for their faithfulness and support.

Janis Nuttall House Group Leader



Eight of us have been meeting at my house since last September from 10.45am – 12noon.  We worked our way through ‘The Prayer Course’ which involved watching a video based on the book ‘How to Pray’ by Pete Greig.  All agreed it was a challenging time and we learnt a lot about different types of prayer and how to use them in our own prayer life.

Before the lock down we had started ‘The Bible Course’ from the Bible Society which is a journey through the Bible which will help us, as they say, to explore the Big story.  Hopefully, we will be able to continue with this in the not too distant future.

Meeting together in small groups is a great way to learn more about our faith and enjoy fellowship one with another.  If you would like to know more please let me know and, when we can, we will meet again.

Judith Stelfox House Group leader


OASIS MEAL WITH A MESSAGE                                  

OASIS is normally held Wednesday lunchtime fortnightly and is open to all. We serve homemade soup, rolls, sandwiches, cake and fruit and enjoy fellowship and a short Christian message delivered by invited speakers.

At Christmas we celebrate with a full Christmas dinner which is always well attended.

During Lent we meet weekly for the 6 weeks of Lent and we follow a set theme. Unfortunately this year we had only completed 2 weeks of the Lent course on ‘the names of God’ when the country went into lockdown.

The future is uncertain but hopefully we will be able to continue later in the year.  Our wonderful team of volunteers work to a 6 week rota and we are always happy to welcome new members.

Sue Farrelly


PASTORAL REPORT                                                       

The Pastoral Team continue to meet every 3 months.  This past year has been one of mixed blessings, as we lost the Rev Viv Gasteen to help in the Pastoral care at Claremount, Wallasey, church. Viv has been a wonderful help in making countless visits to our folk either in hospital or at home. All were much appreciated.

However, we have now been blessed with Yangsun, as our new minister, who is also dedicated to Pastoral care. She has asked that we keep her informed and up to date with whoever needs her care. She also carries with her, a communion case, so that people whom she visits, have the opportunity to celebrate communion with her.

We were delighted to have Alan back with us after his illness.  Whilst he was away his Pastoral group was divided up between other links and this worked very well.

I find the saddest part of writing a Pastoral report, is to see how many much loved people we have lost to our Lord. This past year has seen us lose many members of our congregation.

Beryl Henderson, Rod and Jean’s daughter Karen, Graham Cubbin, Ruth McCabe, Betty Armstrong, Betty Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Jones, and Frances Davies also lost her Mum.  Henry, a gentleman who always sat at the back of the church. We give thanks for their lives and witness to our Lord.  Sadly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we could not hold Elizabeth’s and Mary’s funeral services in church. However, when it is all over, we will hold a thanksgiving service for them.

As I write this report, sadly Pat Garrett is in hospital. She appears to be recovering, but because of the virus, no one can visit her, but we are phoning and speaking to her.  That must surely be one of the saddest parts of being in hospital at this present time, and not being allowed any visitors!

Also Yangsun’s Mother has been seriously ill back home in Korea, but her Doctors have hailed her recovery as a “miracle”.  This must have been very hard for Yangsun, being so far away from her.  Again we give thanks.

Our church lives, and all our organisations, our way of life, has suddenly stopped, due to this devastating virus. We pray for the many thousands of people across the world who have died, and their families. For the NHS staff, social care workers, key workers keeping us fed.  Please God, help a vaccine to be found, and help eradicate this dreadful disease from all our lives.

 Lyn Jackson-Eves Pastoral Secretary 5/5/20


FLOWER MINISTRY                                                         


Flowers are used during services to enhance our worship, members of the congregation provide the flowers to commemorate birthdays and anniversaries, the flowers are then distributed to members of our fellowship who may benefit from the ministry of flowers.

Easter and Harvest are usually celebrated by the congregation donating to the flowers which are arranged by members of the congregation.

In normal times we celebrate Easter by decorating the Church and on Easter Day we bring flowers to decorate the Lenten cross which is crowned with a floral diadem. This year because of lockdown we were unable to decorate the church but thanks to June and Paul and many members of our church family the cross was erected outside the building and adorned with so many flowers that I think it looked even more beautiful and was a wonderful witness that although the building is closed Greasby Methodist Church is alive and active.

At this moment in time no one knows when we will be able to worship in our church building again but our next big celebration is Harvest festival and we hope and pray that we will be able to decorate the church as usual with donations and help from our church family.

Jennifer Bullock and Sue Farrelly




The Toddler group continues to run term time Mondays 9.30-11.30.  We are grateful for the expanding team of willing helpers who come on a rota basis to help in the Toddler room as well as prepare refreshments for the children and adults.  We have revised the Risk Assessments and are considering a wider range of activities for the children.  The Toddler group is very popular.  Although weekly numbers fluctuate we have welcomed as many as 30 adults and 43 children on any one session.  The children and parents/carers enjoyed the Nativity at Christmas and it was a joy to give each child a Bible Society Christmas story book to take home to read again with parents.  We are blessed that Rachel leads the singing each week and we always close our session with prayers.  We are grateful to the team of willing helpers but additional support would always be welcomed.  Please pray that those who come will experience the love of God through a warm welcome and an opportunity to share in conversations as they arise

Sue Elliott and Sue Farrelly Toddler Group 21/3/20

 WIRRAL FOODBANK                                                       

A very big thank you to everyone who has donated food, toiletries and cleaning items to the Wirral Foodbank.  When the big box in the Church atrium is full (on average every six weeks, please check items have long best before dates ie four months or more), the contents are bagged up and taken to the Foodbank warehouse where they are weighed in and sorted ready for delivery to the distribution centres.  The volunteers at the warehouse are always friendly and very grateful to receive our contributions.  Please look out for the foodbank newsfeed sheets which are pinned up in the atrium or check their website for news and information.  Also please check the shopping lists pinned to the box which gives advice on what to buy and which items are most needed at particular times; thank you to people who already do this.

When activities at the Church building were closing down due to the coronavirus lockdown, the Foodbank box in the atrium was full, so plans were made and thank you to Joyce and her son Ian for taking all the items to the warehouse.

From 30th March Wirral Foodbank has joined up with other food provider groups and under the management of the Wirral Council have centralised operations at the Wirral emergency food hub to provide an efficient system to get food to Wirral residents in real need during the lockdown.  The Foodbank continues to be grateful for all food and monetary donations.

 Roberta Gray



The MWiB Committee continue to meet for a time of devotions, planning and fellowship.  We have an excellent committee who always organise and help with the fundraising.  We try to hold one big fundraising event as well as a Cake Stall and Mini Mart sale each year.  We alternate between supporting Overseas and Local projects.

We organise the annual Easter Offering and raised £173.66 which was dedicated at the Easter offering service held on Sunday 20th May 2019 at Moreton Methodist Church.

The 2018-19 District project was for The Barnabas Trust –a project to support persecuted Women in Syria and we raised a total of £369.41 for the project, including Sunshine bags.  In addition we held a very successful M & Co Fashion Show on Saturday 11th May 2019 which attracted a large number from the local community and raised £784 for the project.  We thank all those who came to support the event.

The 2019-20 project is for The Whitechapel Centre, a leading homeless and housing charity for the Liverpool region. The Mini Mart held Wednesday 13th November 2019 was for general mission funds and we held a successful Cake Sale after morning worship on Sunday 8th March 2020, towards the project.

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’.  Matthew 25 v45

Pam Ogden Treasurer

 ACTION FOR CHILDREN                                                            

Last year Action for Children celebrated 150 years since its foundation as the National Children’s Home.  Many children have been helped and are still being helped by this worthwhile charity, which is supported by the Methodist Church.  Thank you again to all the faithful box holders and everyone who has donated as follows:

Boxes (to be confirmed)

Christmas collection 2018      £98.50

Pew envelopes July 2019       £65.00

Christmas collection 2019      £200.00 (including £100.00 from Tuesday Prayers).

 Pat Garrett Action for Children

 CHRISTMAS SHOE BOXES                                

This is the first time that we have had news of the Shoe Box appeal in the church reports, so I will explain why, two years ago we changed from the Samaritans Purse organisation to the original founder of the shoe boxes, Dave Cooke, Teams 4U.

Our church had been collecting shoe boxes for at least 10 years, with our dear friend Beryl Henderson doing the organising, and the boxes going to Samaritans purse, with Franklin Graham, son of Billy, at its head.

Beryl asked me if I would take over the role, and so I started on my journey with the shoe boxes.  All went well in 2017, but then the cost to send each shoe box went up from £3-00 per box to £5-00, and as there were numerous lists of items that we could no longer send, we decided that was enough. It costs just £2-50 to send a box with Teams 4U.

The whole Wirral organisation then decided to switch to Teams 4U, and it has been hugely successful.

For 2018 we decided to buy ready made boxes from Dave, as so many people use our premises, we place them in the atrium and they can help themselves. These are a boon for busy working parents, but you are free to wrap and send your own shoe box if you so wish.

2019 brought a better looking ready made box, and we bought 250 boxes. As I now live in Willaston, and have a good relationship with both the Methodist chapel and Christ Church, these 2 churches have really helped increase the number of kind people filling our boxes, and they gave us 78 boxes.

We held our shoe box service on 3rd November, we sent 122 boxes from Greasby with a wonderful total of 198 from the 3 churches.  A great effort by so many people.  The boxes from Wirral, over 5,000 in total, were sent to Uganda for the first time, and Moldova, but are always sent to where the need is the greatest.

I look out for bargains all year round, as many of us do, and people knit lovely glove puppets and pencil cases.

So, when our shops open again, and we can hunt around for our gifts, the one we are usually short of is SMALL cuddly toys. So if you see any small animals to put in your boxes, that will be a great help.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to fill a shoebox, and although you will never see the pleasure and surprise on the child’s face who receives your box, there is no greater way to show them, God’s love, in a shoebox.

 Lyn Jackson-Eves Shoebox co-ordinator 5/5/20

COMPASSION –                                        


We have continued to support not only our two sponsored children Joseph and Amos but many other children through your generosity over the last twelve months.  We held another successful cake sale in November and the regular giving through direct debit, has meant we can continue to support this very important ministry.  We have provided not only the financial support to meet their educational, medical and dietary needs but also their spiritual and emotional support through letter writing and cards around Christmas and birthdays.  The family gifts we have been able to send have also had direct benefit to the families and it has been a joy to see the photos and letters that have been received.  Thank you for your faithful giving and support that is making such a difference to these boys.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat..Matthew 25:35-40 (NIV)

Paula Dewhirst


CELEBRATE GREASBY DAY                                        

It is a joy and a privilege to be welcomed to the annual Celebrate Greasby Day which is a great opportunity to share the Good News with children and families in our local community.  It was most unfortunate that this years’ event on Saturday 8th June 2019 was much reduced due to poor weather.  However we very happily squeezed into a room off the library and we were delighted to be able to offer the majority of our prepared activities, including the popular rainbow biscuits, badgemaker, fridge magnets, prayer bracelets, jelly bean prayer cards and bookmarks.  We were truly blessed by the comments we received and I wish to thank all those who volunteered to staff the rota for the whole afternoon.

Jesus said to them, “Come with me, and I will teach you to catch people.”

Matthew 4 v19

Sue Elliott Childrens Work co-ordinator 21/3/20



The Ecumenical Assemblies Team continues to deliver assemblies at the three local schools – Greasby Infants School, Greasby Junior School and Brookdale Primary School on alternate weeks.  The children enjoy the stories told through drama; a message; an action song and prayers.

Since the last GCM we have continued our journey through the New Testament, learning about the Resurrection; The Boy Jesus – left behind in the Temple; John the Baptist; Jesus in the desert (preparing for His ministry); the calling of the first disciples; the wedding at Canaan; Signs of who Jesus really was (healing the paralysed man, feeding 5000, calming the storm) as well as parables eg the sower, the two house builders, the unforgiving Servant and Holy Week.  You will see that we cover a lot!

It was a privilege to issue the Scripture Union booklet ‘It’s Your Move’ to all Year 6 children at Brookdale Primary School and Greasby Junior School who were moving to secondary school in September.  The Year 2 Greasby Infants School children were also presented with a story booklet as they progress to the Junior School.  The books were purchased jointly with St Johns, signed by all of the team and much appreciated by children and families

In addition I attended the Harvest celebration at Greasby Infants School and supported the Christmas services for each of the three schools which were held at St Johns in Frankby.

It is a blessing to be allowed to share the gospel through assemblies, reaching out to approximately 650 children throughout the year, and a privilege that the schools allow us to do this as that is not the case in many other schools.  Please pray that the children and staff will reflect on the messages and may come to know Jesus as a personal friend and saviour for themselves

Sue Elliott

Member of the Ecumenical Assemblies Team 21/3/20

HOPE JOURNEY                                              

Hope Journey is an exciting, interactive and engaging way of partnering with local schools to deliver some areas of the Religious Education syllabus.  Through a multiple workshop format, children participate in up to six workshops, each incorporating a different learning style which allows every child to engage in some way with the session.  Whilst children hear the Christian believer’s view, the purpose is to deepen understanding, not convert.  All are welcome regardless of faith or belief.  Hope Journey is funded and supported by Wirral Methodist Circuit and we now offer seven of the Hope Journey programmes

Cre-8 (Year 4 children) looks at stories and parables through creative activities eg in ‘Jesus calms the storm’ the children made a variety of musical instruments eg shakers and water bottles and used them to re-tell the story and discuss the concept of miracle.  Following the Feeding of the 5000, children produce a craft listing the gifts and talents they could share with others.  Using drama and mime they re-acted the Parable of the Sower.  Having listened to the parable of the Good Samaritan they wrote a piece of poetry to convey the message of that parable, and having discussed the meaning of ‘wise’ and ‘foolish’ and developed and understanding of symbolism, they sang and danced to ‘The Wise Man built his house upon the Rock’….great fun!

Remembering (Year 6 children) is delivered to coincide with Remembrance Sunday.  Remembering offers six workshops –

  • Anne Frank and people we have loved and lost: in which we thought about people who are persecuted and people we love and no longer see, for whatever reason.  The children wrote beautiful prayers
  • Untold Stories uses a giant jigsaw to understand that we need all the pieces to see the whole picture
  • A war time experience: the shelter in which church members shared their war time memories whilst sat in a mock Anderson shelter
  • Evacuation and Rationing where we listened to evacuation stories and thought about what is was like to live on rations
  • What and why we remember: focussing on the symbol of the poppy, the poem ‘In Flanders Field’ and, most importantly, remembering Christ’s sacrifice for us
  • Wreath of Hope – children complete a craft activity and enjoyed refreshments

Meet The Characters (Year 2 children) is delivered during Advent as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  The children were given a passport so that they could collect a reminder of all the characters they had met.  In each workshop, the character re-tells their experience and children asked questions of The Angel Gabriel; Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus; the Innkeeper and the donkey; the shepherds; the wise men and also completed a craft activity whilst enjoying the refreshments.  The children loved meeting the people who were really there, then!  They sang ‘Away in a Manger’ beautifully followed by the loudest ‘Happy Birthday to Jesus’ we’ve ever heard.


Epiphany – Journey with the Kings (Year 1 children).  Having completed the maps of their journey from school to church the children enjoyed a puppet show when the Magi explained their story of the visit to see Jesus.  ‘Our God is a Great Big God’ is one we use for our school assemblies so the children sing it well.  During the talk ‘What can we give to Jesus’ the children were very keen to tell us that fruit pastilles, Christmas jumpers and pampers had not been invented but quickly grasped the message that we can give time, kindness and care to each other as our gift to Jesus.  The children complete three follow up activities – Stars Make and Do, Three Kings Crafts and Build a Magi over refreshments.

Cross Factor (Year 5 children) is delivered during Lent, as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter time.  The children explore the meaning of different crosses from around the world and participate in Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem on a donkey singing the loudest of ‘Hosannas’.  We also consider the significance of the Last Supper and hear the story from a Roman Centurion who were involved in the execution of Christ and were also present on Easter Sunday, so they share his story of his amazing experience of Easter.  Children thought about how Jesus is alive now, even though we cannot see him and made beautiful Easter Cross cards to take home.

Explore (Year 3 children) This Hope Journey explores signs, symbols, religious books and artefacts used in the Christian faith with some comparisons with Judaism.  The children explored the purpose of artefacts eg baptismal font, pulpit/lectern and organ; Prayer; Holy Books; Music styles in Worship as well as having the chance to learn about the leadership of various Christian denominations through a game of ‘pairs and differences’.  They also examine stained glass windows and the symbolism and the use of colour within them, before designing their own stained glass window

Sharing Parables (F2 children).  The children hear an age appropriate version of a story Jesus told eg the Parable of the Prodigal Son.  The storytelling creates opportunity to explore feelings of anger, joy, jealousy, loss, sadness, fear and forgiveness.  Connections are made to a modern day situation and the children completed a number of craft activities to consider their experience of relationships – trust, caring, love, support and help.




Yr Gp



Total in attendance

Cross Factor 28th March 2019

Junior Sch









Explore 16th May 2019






Sharing Parables 6th June 2019

Infants Sch









Cre-8 3rd October 2019

Junior Sch









Remembering 7th November 2019

Junior Sch









Meet The Characters 12th December 2019

Infants Sch









Epiphany – Journey with the Kings 9th January 2020

Infants Sch
















We regularly receive amazing evaluation comments – the children love coming to GMC and learn so much, and both children and staff repeatedly say they want to come again

You will see that as a result we have shared our Christian faith with 577 children and 76+ adults, in addition to having a presence in the Infants School.  Gift bags are given at each Hope Journey, which include an introduction to GMC and the Say One for Me cards, in addition to story books, prayer cards etc. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 30+ members who have supported Hope Journey over the past seven years, in a variety of roles.  It is a great privilege that the schools are so willing to engage with us.  Hope Journey is a blessing to us all.  I would ask for your continuing prayers, giving thanks for the commitment of our superb Hope Journey team, and that the children and staff/helpers who visit will continue to feel warmly welcomed and want to learn more about God’s love for us all

Sue Elliott Hope Journey co-ordinator 21/3/20


CHRISTMAS ANGELS                                                     

 Christmas angels (2)

What a delight to be able to share over 200 angels with a message of hope last Christmas.  Angels were distributed via railings at our three local schools as well as front of church and the village.  I do thank all those who were involved in knitting and distribution.  We received some wonderful feedback from the schools and on Facebook.  In addition I spoke to several parents who did not take an angel this year because they had kept theirs from 2017 or 2018 and wanted others to have the joy of taking one home.  I do hope we might be able to distribute more angels this year

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom he is pleased! Luke 2 v14

Sue Elliott




The Walking Group has, until fairly recently, enjoyed another successful year of walks.  We normally meet at Church on the first Saturday in the month.  We usually walk for about six or seven miles, mainly in Cheshire or North Wales, sharing cars to the start point and attracting an average of fifteen or so members, and led by different members of the group.

In May 2019 we were on very familiar land on the Cheshire hills led by Dave and Barbara Lewis.  Starting from Higher Burwardsley, we took a circular route through Peckforton, past the new “castle”, and on to the genuine old castle at Beeston.  We returned through the Peckforton Hills, with superb views across to North Wales, to find a warm welcome at the Pheasant Inn.  We went to Burscough in June for a pleasant walk led by Kevin Hadfield, initially on the Leeds and Liverpool canal towpath.  We left it at Spencers bridge to go through the Tawd Vale adventure camp and on to Lathom Chapel, and so back to the cars.

Arthur Stott led our July walk starting from Hadlow Road station in Willaston.  We first had a tour of the station, conducted by Lyn and Martin Eves, who are prominent members of the Friends of the station, outlining recent restoration works and future intended developments.  The walk covered mainly typical Wirral farm lands in a figure of eight conformation, with a short stretch on the Wirral Way.  Lyn and Martin Eves led our August walk, from the Sun Trevor Inn in the vale of Llangollen.  We went up and across Sun Bank, passing Llandyn Hall to reach the town. We returned along the peaceful, but busy canal towpath in beautiful weather.  Also in August we held our AGM and social, kindly hosted by Ian and Brenda Davies.

In September Dave and Carol Stevenson took us back to Liverpool to the Britannia Inn and along the Otterspool promenade up to Sefton Park.  We were disappointed to find the Palm House otherwise booked, so we passed on to St Michael’s and through the Festival Gardens back to the promenade.  The October walk was led by Sonia Oldershaw in the area around Hawarden. First we visited St Deiniol’s Church and passed the Gladstone Library, to follow a circular route along the Old Warren and Cherry Orchard Road back to the town.  John Postles was our leader in November on a walk from Eastham Country Park and along the old cutting of the disused railway line. We continued through the Dibbinsdale Nature Reserve up to Rake Lane and on to Bromborough, then returning to Eastham.  In December we had our customary mid-week break away, returning to the Cumbria Grand Hotel at Grange Over Sands.  In spite of a spell of very wet weather, we did still enjoy two walking days and a treasure hunt, and good company with our members and some non-walking family and friends who joined us.

We welcomed our 2020 new year in January with a walk around Thurstaston Common.  David and Barbara Lewis led this walk, which included a visit to some of the areas which Dave had been working on as a member of the Royden Park Ranger Voluntary Group.  Afterwards we had a meal together at Irby Mill Inn.  Our February walk started from the Druid Inn in Gorsedd, near Holywell, and was led by Ian and Brenda Davies.  It was especially memorable for some formidable stiles and one very muddy field, but included periods of stunning views over Mostyn and across to the Wirral.  In March we were led again by Dave Stevenson, this time from Ty Mawr country park.  We walked by the river Dee and along the Shropshire Union canal, finally reaching the towering and dramatic Pontcycyllte Aqueduct. It turned out to be the final walk of the year as the world was overtaken by the coronavirus, so our programme was suspended. We look forward to resuming our activities at some time.

We are always keen to welcome new friends for our walks, details of which will be advertised in the Church notices.  If you would like to join us and want further information please speak to any of the people named in this report.

Arthur Stott




This Church Committee has responsibility to the Church Council for Property and Financial matters, and it always must ensure that a balanced budget is set for each year, so that our income at least equals our expenditure.  If it becomes clear during a year that we cannot do that, we need to report to Church Council that extra income is needed or expenditure reduced.

The Committee meets 3 or 4 times a year and looks at all repair and maintenance work required, prioritising where necessary, discusses how income is coming in during the year in relation to the budget, and looks at lettings of the premises and reviews the lettings fees on a regular basis, changes to which, require Council approval.  Lettings and usage of our premises are an important aspect of our income.  The Committee also has responsibility for Employees, Health and Safety matters and Fire Safety policy, all of which need to be reviewed and reported to Church Council if there are any major changes. The Committee are authorised by Council to spend up to £500 on any job, but above that are required to seek Council approval before proceeding.

In last year’s report we were optimistic that repairs to the Church boiler had solved the problem, but that optimism was soon lost and it resulted in a cold church on several mornings so a new boiler had to be resourced and installed in the Summer.

Other major jobs that were completed were the installation of a new fire exit behind the kitchen and repair of glass roof in rear corridor.

A heart defibrillator was installed on the outside wall of the Church near the entrance.  Our thanks to Judith Stelfox for organising that and encouraging donations from users of the church premises, so that the cost to the Church was minimised.

Income from regular lettings of our premises continues to expand.  We regularly let premises to Blood donors; West Kirby Musical Theatre Company; PACA Art and Crafts; En-Pointe ballet (Junior and Adult classes); Physio Pilates; Slimming World; Townwomens Guild; Trefoil Guild; Rainbows, Brownies and Guides; Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  We occasionally let premises to West Wirral Liberal Dems; Hillbark Players; Arrowebrook Housing; Greasby Ladies Bowling Club.  We accommodate the annual WBC Elections.  In addition premises may be hired for children’s birthday parties (under 11 years old).  Requests for regular further lettings are, at present, refused, otherwise, the Church would have no flexibility for special Church requirements.

Our Administration Assistant, Caroline Coyle, continues to do an excellent job in managing and controlling the quite complex weekly letting programme, and still coping with all necessary Church work.

My thanks to Alan Chamberlain, as Resources committee chairman and Senior Property steward for all the work that he does throughout the year, Roberta Gray as Treasurer and to all members of the Committee.

John Postles Resources Committee


Giving thanks to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, the Church’s financial situation this year has been good.  Loyal members of the congregation have continued to give generously and groups within the community have carried on renting the halls, the majority also contributing to the purchase and installation of a defibrillator.  As well as this, many kind donations to various charities and good causes, both in money and in provisions, have been made.  A very big thank you goes to you all.

With the exception of income from printing and the Church offering (due to the sad loss of several members), all income categories on the Church account equalled or exceeded the budget figures.  Regarding expenditure, the amount gained by categories ending under budget outweighed those finishing over budget.  The cost of a new boiler was largely offset by last year’s gift aid payment being received late in January.  With this year’s gift aid payment being paid into the account in August, the overall budget was more than met, thus the Church account achieved a surplus.

The Church accounts were independently examined and signed as a correct record from the information submitted.  They were presented and accepted at the Church Council meeting held on Wednesday 25th February 2020.

Let us move forward, always giving all the glory to our Lord, as we respond and share His steadfast love in our words, actions and resources.

September 2019 to March 2020 and going forward

Reporting at the Church Council on 26th February 2020, the Church accounts were keeping close to budget with no undue concern.  However due to the coronavirus lockdown, there has been no activity on Church premises since Saturday 21st March, therefore a large drop in income.  Fortunately the majority of the Church congregation give regularly by standing order which is continuing and for which we are thankful.  To date (end of April) it is not known when the Church building will re-open.  When it does we shall celebrate and have a time of thanksgiving giving praise to our Heavenly Father whom we know is faithful.

But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  ‘The Lord is my portion,” says my soul ‘therefore I will hope in him.  The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.    Lamentations 3:21-25 (ESV)

 Roberta Gray Treasurer 04/20

 GIFT AID AND GIVING 2018/2019                     

For the tax year April 2018 / March 2019 the church received a total gift aid refund of £9,736.  This comprised £8,440 from those donors who give regular offerings by direct debit (and pay income tax) and £1,296 via GASDS (gift aid small donation scheme).

  2017/2018 2018/2019
Direct Debits 36275 35237
GASDS Cash * 6290 6034
Gift Day - 2630
TOTAL 42565 43901
Gift Aid 8161 8440
GASDS 1571 1296
TOTAL 9732 9736
G.A. as % of Offerings 22.86% 22.18%


*Plate Offerings + Sunday coffee + Oasis

We lost a few more donors in the year ending April 2019 and this continued in 2019 – 2020.  The coronavirus lockdown will knock back GASDS cash somewhat in this current year (2019 – 2020).  (No plate offerings, Sunday coffee or Oasis) but so far direct debits are holding up well.

Many thanks must go to those of you who donate to the church by bank direct debit.  This reliable source of income enables the church to plan for the future.  If there are any others who would like to join the scheme I would be delighted to hear from them.  (You have to set up the direct debit arrangements yourself – the church cannot do it on your behalf – but I can provide you with the necessary bank details).

Please keep in mind that if you wish the church to claim gift aid on your donations you must pay enough income tax for the government to refund 25% of your church donation out of the tax you have paid.

If you don’t pay income tax, or do not wish the church to claim gift aid on your giving, this still does not bar you from giving to the church by direct debit.

 Joyce Scoffield Discreet Fund and Gift Aid Secretary






















(Incorporating now closed 2018 Gift Appeal)








Gift Aid Refund



Donations – from  Church Groups






 Messy Church
Donations – defibrillator






Church Donations






Printing Income



Money for Charities





Miscellaneous Income







Circuit Assessment






Stationery,Books etc




















Cleaning Materials









Music and Worship





Maintenance – Boiler


Chairs + Storage trucks









Payments to Charities




























Donations in





Donation out










Receipts via discreet Account



Cake Stalls+donations


Gift Aid (2017-18+2018-19)







Sponsorship – 2 boys











Appeal closed, surplus transferred to general fund






























31st August 2019

General Account
Balance brought forward


Transfer from Gift Appeal


Surplus/Deficit for year 2018-19




Benevolent Fund
Balance brought forward


Surplus/Deficit for year 2018-19




Compassion Fund
Balance brought forward


Surplus/Deficit for year 2018-19




Gift Appeal
Balance brought forward


Fund closed, transferred to general fund


Surplus/Deficit for year 2018-19










Represented by:
Discreet Account


Current Account


CFB Account




Less Uncleared Cheques/Transfers


Plus Undeposited Cheques