There has been a church building on this site since the 1930′s, but that building is now our main hall. Since then extra buildings have been added and in the 1990′s the atrium (where you now enter) brought them all together with a shared entrance and shared kitchen facilities. So, that’s how we look, but more about who we are.

The people who meet as Christians under this roof have found their way here in very many different ways. Some have been born and bred Methodists, some have come from other churches, some have been Christians for most of their lives, and some have only recently become Christians. And yes, most of us are still trying to work out what it means to be a Christian! But we share a common goal, to learn what it means to follow Jesus, not just on a Sunday morning, but throughout our whole lives.

Part of following Jesus is to care for our neighbours, that’s not just those who live in Greasby, but also those who are our brothers and sisters across the world. If you are interested in what happens at the church during the week, check out our ‘Activities’ page. One thing that we can offer to all in need, no matter how close to or far from us they are is to offer prayer for situations, concerns and worries, no matter how big or small. You can submit a prayer request via this website and even choose how confidential that remains. Have a look at our Prayer page or use the contact form to send us a prayer request.

If you wish to speak to someone our office is open at the following times;-

Monday 9 am- 11.30 am

Tuesday 9 am- 11.30 am

Wednesday 9 am- 11.30 am

Friday – 11.30 am

Tel. No. 0151 677 5127

To find out more about the Methodist Church in general or if you want to know more about the people at Greasby Methodist Church, use the links on the left here.










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